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Proven & Trusted Inspection

At CalSpec/Coastal Family Home Inspections, when you’re in need of a home buyer inspection, pre-listing inspection, or safety check inspection, we provide the information you need to make the best decisions for buying or selling your property.

Our inspector, Steve Scherer, conducts an entire site overview that includes the following areas and certifications:

  • Central heating and cooling systems
  • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • Roof, attic, and venting
  • Walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Interior and exterior doors
  • Fencing and gates
  • Foundation and slab
  • Pool & spa safety barriers/equipment
  • Windows
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Safety Check

Safety Check

Is your home safe? Home purchase and home inspection go hand in hand, but what if you’re renting or you have been in your home a few years. Is it still safe? Was it ever?

Doesn’t your family deserve a safe environment? At Safety Check, we offer a lower cost alternative to typical home inspections. One of our certified Safety Check professionals will evaluate your home for unsafe conditions.

Items like gas appliance configuration and venting, electrical ground and arc fault protection. Water heater compliance and plumbing related problems can effect the safety of your home. Proper placement of smoke and CO (carbon monoxide) detectors, chimney damper blocking devices, and emergency fire egress applications, save lives.

You and your family deserve the confidence of knowing you have a Safety Check, safe home. Call (818) 735-0075 today for details and pricing.

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Serving Homeowners Faithfully

InterNACHI® Certified

We provide detailed information in a narrative format with photographic documentation so you can make a confident decision regarding the purchase of your home.

Professional Home and Safety Inspection Services

Professional Home Inspections

Your home purchase may be the single most expensive investment you will ever make. Although exciting, the process can become overwhelming. Having your home professionally inspected will help eliminate many of your concerns.

Having a clear understanding of current conditions, potential pitfalls, and cost of repairs will aid in your buying decision.

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CalSpec/Coastal Family Home Inspections proudly serves Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Conejo Valley, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Oak Park, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Newbury Park, and all surrounding areas. Contact us at (818) 735-0075 to schedule your inspection today.